Sales kick-off project 'De Kaap' in Rotterdam

The project Kaap Belvedère 3 went on sale.

Peninsula 'De Kaap' has undergone a transformation in recent years. New neighborhoods are realized in old port areas and the historic town center in the heart of Katendrecht is restructured. On Saturday, the 23rd of November, Kaap Belvedère 3 went on sale. The 26 luxury townhouses replace the old closed housing block with a contemporary version of the old historical architecture.

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New address Joke Vos Architecten

The new Amsterdam address:
Joke Vos Architecten
Bickerswerf 46
1013 KX Amsterdam
T +3120 3378672

Our website- and emailaddress remain the same:

Also my personal data stay the same:
M +31653 468878

Het Mooie Plan 2 (The Beautiful Project 2) is nearing completion!

Roadworkers and construction workers are putting the finishing touches to house and surroundings. In the meanwhile the first new residents have moved house!

The Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender (Big Rotterdam Art Calender) 2013 has been launched today...

and Het Mooie Plan (The Beautiful Project) by Joke Vos Architecten is represented on April 18th.

De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2013 (GRKK 2013) has been launched! The GRKK 2013
shows each day a project of a contemporary Rotterdam artist and that on a large scale (29,7 x 34, it weighs almost 3 kilo's!). An editorial team of independent experts selected 365 artists, (fashion) designers, photographers, architects, illustrators, etcetera. We were also invited. We sent in our housing project Het Mooie Plan in Rotterdam/Lombardijen. Immense art photography by Arthur Kleinjan is harmoniously integrated in the facades of all 125 houses. The prints refer to the history of this garden city and reflect the green environment.

The GRKK 2013 can be bought for € 29,95 (amongst others) in (Rotterdam) bookstores, museum- en other shops and through

Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2013
ISBN 978 94 90608 43 9
370 pages
€ 29,95

Groen en Grass 2 is completed and taken into use

The second phase of the neighbourhood Groen en Gras (Green and Grass) in Alphen a/d Rijn has been completed. With great enthousiasm people have moved in. Built and natural green harmonize beautifully. The neighbourhood gives credit to its name!

Rotterdam Vastgoed (conference about real estate) visits ECCR and Kaap Belvédére

This year's conference of Rotterdam Vastgoed brought Katendrecht into focus. A short and pleasantly sunny walking tour led the participants to several interesting locations. Among them the building site of the ECCR and the temporary green where the new housing block of Kaap Belvédère will be realised (also a project by Joke Vos Architecten).

The ECCR and the Day of Architecture with 400 visitors!

On the 23rd of June a lot of people visited the info centre on the 3rd floor of Santos. The lectures about the ECCR and the Santos building were met with interest. From above the building site could be watched. This Saturday morning bar benders were doing overtime, so that the roof of the parking garage can be closed before the summer holidays.

The ECCR on the Day of Architecture

Het ECCR (European China Centre Rotterdam) and PAKHUIS SANTOS on the Day of Architecture 23 of june 2012 in Rotterdam.

10:00 location Santos (Brede Hilledijk 95, Rotterdam)

11:00 1st presentation

History and development Santos by Arend Overduyn
The design of the ECCR by Joke Vos
The ECCR by Hans Borsje

12:30 2nd presentation
History and development Santos by Arend Overduyn
The design of the ECCR by Joke Vos
The ECCR by Hans Borsje

17:00 end

If you want to participate in the presentations you can make a reservation by using the following links.

1st presentation:
2nd presentation: target="_blank">

Masonry The Pretty Project phase 2

The European China Centre in Cobouw magazine

'Historic site for Chinese center'

The complex is a project of the ECC Rotterdam, a joint venture of the Shanghai Construction Group and Volker Wessels Vastgoed. The center consists of a combination of shops, apartments, offices, restaurants, a hotel with conference rooms and a two-storey underground car park. The total floor area is approximately 50,000 square meters. Completion is scheduled for late 2013. Architect Joke Vos processed Chinese design elements, such as a rectangular facade of precast concrete elements arranged in a Chinese grid pattern and waves that refer to the water as a source of energy . In order to enable the construction of the ECCR a number of warehouses were demolished. In the first decades of the century Katendrecht was known as the home base of the largest Chinese community in Europe.

text: Peter de Lange

A picture of the building activities of the ECCR is published in Cobouw

Visit to The Pretty Project

On this Friday afternoon board members and judges of the Dutch Foundation ‘Nederlandse Bouwpluim’ brought a visit to The Pretty Project at the invitation of Havensteder and Dura Vermeer, our supply chain management partners. Joke Vos explained both plans on the spot. The visitors responded enthusiastically!

Cake at the building site!

The top of the building of the second phase of Green and Grass is reached.

Breaking ground at The Pretty Project 2

In the snow we celebrated the start of construction of 83 homes in Lombardijen in Rotterdam. It was a great party!

Periscope houses in the A10 architectural tour

The periscope houses are selected by A10 magazine for the architectural tour 'Rotterdam, large and small'

"...Metro lines C and B bring us to the final project in this tour guide. In Nesselande, a new leafy suburb northeast of Rotterdam, stand twelve periscope dwellings (No.30) by Joke Vos Architecten, the outcome of an invited competition. The dwellings are arranged in four groups of three 'drive-in' dwellings. On the ground floor is a garage and a high-ceilinged 'water room' with a deck over the water. There is a second living area with veranda on the floor above. ..."

text: Emiel Lamers, photography: Sonia Mangiapane, illustration: Loulou&Tummie


We wish you a very fortunate and successful 2012! The year in which the European China Centre Rotterdam (ECCR) will rise above street level to create yet another inspiring building along the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam.

1000 x European Architecture

Braun Publishing has released a completely revised edition of 1000x European Architecture. The 1000 pages show many ambitious projects, representing a cross section of the European architecture of the last five years. Two projects Joke Vos Architects are mentioned in it: the Datacenter in Delft and the Periscope Houses in Rotterdam.

'The Pretty Project' in BNA Magazine

'Green and Grass phase 2' breaking ground

Under the watchful eye of the buyers, Alderman Hoekstra of municipality Alphen a/d Rijn, puts the first pole in the ground for the second phase of Green and Grass.

Joke Vos Architecten in Aedes Magazine

European China Centre in magazine de Architect

Joke Vos architecten in newspaper De Telegraaf with project 'Groen en Gras'

'Green and Grass' breaking ground

more information:

Sales kick-off project 'Green and Grass phase 2' in Alphen aan den Rijn

Open House:
saturday 26th of march 2011
from 11:00 tot 15:00 hours
in the Waterviolier 2 in Alphen aan den Rijn.

for more information:

European China Centre published in the book GROOT (trans: BIG)

for more information: (dutch)
On april 13th 2011 magazine 'de Architect' and AIR organize the congress GROOT (trans: BIG).
for more information: (dutch)

Joke Vos Architecten wins the 'Nederlandse Bouwpluim 2011'

Joke Vos Architecten wins Dutch Construction Plume 2011

more information:

Special mention Groen en Gras at Buiten Kleur Award 2010

Special mention Groen en Gras (Green and Grass) at Buiten Kleur Prijs (The Outside Colour Award) 2010

Sales kick-off project 'The Pretty Project Madelief' in Rotterdam

date: 18 december 2010
time: 13:00 till 15:00 hours
location: Construction site Homerusstraat, Rotterdam Lombardijen

Joke Vos Architecten nominated for the 'Nederlandse Bouwpluim'

Sales kick-off project 'European China Centre' in Rotterdam

date: 21 november 2010
time: 13:00 till 15:00 hours
location: Rijnhaven zuidzijde 7 Katendrecht Rotterdam

The Periscope Houses spotted in the Rotterdam presentation at the Expo in Shanghai

European China Centre in Debate GROOT

GROOT: stedelijkheid door gebouwen (LARGE: ubanity by buildings)

Time: 20.00 pm
Location: Kriterion, Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45

More information at:

'European China Center draagt bij aan metamorfose'

'European China Center contributes to transformation'

Source: Article in the annex of Algemeen Dagblad, Issue 6 November 2010

The Pretty Plan in Architectenweb Magazine

Book about The Pretty Plan

In a small book, the ideas that sit behind the Pretty Plan, explained and shown in photos. Urban planning, architecture and art are integrated into the garden city.

Joke Vos architects launches the new website.

september 2010

You can drag, order, filter.

European China Centre breaking ground

'Housing in the supply chain management cost.'

Bouwconcern Dura Vermeer en woningcorporatie Com•wonen presenteren vanmiddag op de Provada hun eerste ervaringen met ketenintegratie bij ‘Het Mooie Plan’ in Rotterdam-Lombardijen. Het project kon door ketenintegratie twaalf procent onder budget gebouwd worden, zeggen beide partijen.

Op de Provada wijden Dura Vermeer en Com•wonen woensdagmiddag een expertmeeting over hun ambities en ervaringen met ketenintegratie.

Bij ketenintegratie wordt afscheid genomen van de traditionele opdrachtgever-versus-opdrachtnemer-verhouding, en dragen de verschillende partijen een gezamenlijke verantwoordelijkheid voor het bouwproces. Bij de gezamenlijke verantwoordelijkheid hoort ook het delen van de winst. Van de behaalde besparingen hebben beide partijen profijt.

Met Com•wonen is Dura Vermeer een vijf jaar durende pilot gestart om te kijken wat ketenintegratie voor beide partijen kan opleveren. Het eerste resultaat van deze samenwerking is de eerste fase van ‘Het Mooie Plan’ in Rotterdam-Lombardijen.

De 125 woningen in dit plan zijn twaalf procent onder budget uitgevoerd, wat overeenkomt met een besparing van circa twee miljoen euro. Het project is circa zes weken eerder opgeleverd dan gepland en bijna een derde van de woningen is opgeleverd zonder opleverpunten – onderdelen van de bouw die nog niet het gewenste opleverniveau hebben. Bij de overige twee derde van de woningen waren er maximaal drie opleverpunten.

Festive completion 'Het Mooie Plan deelplan 1'

Joke Vos in 'Building Passion, sterke vrouwen in de bouw'

Datacentrum in Delft wins the Concrete Award 2009 in the category utility architecture

Sales kick-off project 'In 't Park'

'Green and Grass' breaking ground

Olmenhof nominated for the BNA building of the year award 2009

Kick-Off Event for European China Centre Rotterdam

Joke Vos architects in the exhibition 'Women Who Build'

Shanghai International Industry week

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